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Commerce ERP

We truly believe there is no one else when it comes to an affordable and scalable commerce ERP. Odoo is a selection of the tools that you'll need to build and grow your company. Odoo will save you time and money.

B2B e-commerce

Selling to other businesses often means a lot of manual work, with custom pricing, different VAT rules and local products. By implementing your B2B front end you won't need to worry about the admin anymore.

Custom Odoo front-end

We strive to constantly push and challenge the boundaries of what is possible on Odoo's front-end e-commerce module. This is a very exciting and evolving space that we are proud to be a part of.


While there are new integrations coming out every week, we mostly implement Shopify as a frontend, Amazon, bol.com and multiple 3PL's to make your life easier.

The beating heart

Odoo's strength is that it can become your companies OS (operating system). Completely composable, interconnected in the deepest possible way and scalable. It can connect to multiple webshops, marketplaces, POS systems and more!

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