From WooCommerce to Shopify in 6 weeks: Oot Granola’s successful replatforming

In the beginning of 2023 Oot Granola faced a major issue when their WooCommerce store crashed due to high traffic from TV ads. Struggling with the platform's limitations, they approached us for a rapid solution: setting up a new, more robust store in record-time. Read this case study to find out how we did it. 

Oot Granola who?

Oot Granola is a Dutch e-commerce brand that sells healthy and delicious granola online. They source their ingredients from local farmers and partners, and their granola is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. They offer a subscription service, so the crunchy goods get delivered right to your door whenever you need it. It’s a popular choice for people who are looking for a healthy and convenient breakfast or snack.

Why did we partner up?

In the beginning of 2023, Oot Granola was booming. As a 7-figure business, they started investing more and more in advertising. However, when they started launching TV-ads, their WooCommerce store completely crashed. It couldn’t handle the traffic. WooCommerce is open source and runs on external apps, which makes it extremely hard to isolate problems, let alone fix them. Maintaining and debugging your website absorbs precious time, especially when the source of the problem is unclear. In addition: a history of security breaches raises concerns about the overall safety of the system.

So, needless to say Oot was on the lookout for solutions. In April this year, they approached us with an urgent request: “The store isn’t coping with our pace of growth, we need to have a new one up and running in 4 weeks.” Bear in mind a project of this nature usually takes a few months. But we like a challenge and we do have a bunch of pressure performers on the team. We started mapping out the game plan and went for it.

What were their needs?

  • A stable environment for sustainable growth

  • A fast-paced and transparent collaboration

  • A complex integration with Monta 3PL

  • A subscription management integration, compatible with SEPA payments

  • A way to track their customers

Our solutions

Swap WooCommerce for Shopify

Can you think of a platform that facilitates sustainable growth more than Shopify? Don’t think too long, the answer is “no”. The stability, scalability, and flexibility that Shopify guarantees, align perfectly with Oot’s growing business needs. Shopify’s ecosystem consists of way more reliable apps, and a robust infrastructure. If there’s a problem, you can pinpoint it immediately and solve it accordingly. A huge improvement. The translation features Shopify provides, take away the stress from expanding across borders. 

Firmhouse for subscriptions 

Oot was looking for a way to process subscriptions and manage their orders more efficiently. Our trusted partner Firmhouse is your go-to application for this. Firmhouse automatically handles the billing and recurring payments, taking away a big burden off Oot’s staff. On top of that, the app tracks orders effectively and offers a better customer experience.The Firmhouse implementation also solved the SEPA-issue. Oot can now collect payments from 36 European countries. Oot noticed an increased conversion in a variety of markets where people love spending.

Shopify integration with Monta 3PL

This was a tricky one. Oot's integration with their third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Monta, was complex due to the need to automate the addition of box SKUs to orders. Monta's standard Shopify app didn't support this functionality. To solve this flaw, we developed a custom, real-time Shopify Flow that communicated with Monta's system to automatically add box SKUs to orders. This integration ensured that Oot's orders were processed accurately and efficiently, maintaining a seamless experience for both Oot and their customers.

Google Sheets for customer analysis 

To track the success of their marketing campaigns, we set up a flow to track customer origins. It was a clever and efficient system, primarily leveraging a customised 'Thank You' page and integration with Google Sheets. After purchasing, customers were redirected to a survey page, asking how they found Oot Granola - options included 'TV ad', 'social media', or 'word of mouth'. Their answers were instantly recorded in Google Sheets for analysis and sent to the CRM for central data management.

The result

Using the ‘Minimum Viable Product’-approach, we managed to deliver in a record-breaking time. From development to app integrations, everything was in its place within 6 weeks. Oot was extremely satisfied with the results we managed to achieve in such a short time-frame. The replatforming is a testament to Shopify’s ability to take over from other e-commerce platforms conveniently. 

Oot has been benefiting from our collaboration, they are still growing. Oot is also active on the German market, so we meticulously replicated the Dutch store in 2 weeks. The scalable setup we built gives Oot the ability to enter new markets comfortably. We’re very proud of this project and our ongoing partnership. 

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