Integration Shopify and Odoo for more efficiency at Tales By Solid

For this beautiful brand, we integrated their existing Odoo ERP system with their B2C and B2B Shopify stores, resulting in a streamlined workflow enhancement. We synchronised products, automated invoice creation, automated image management and much more.

Who is Tales By Solid?

Tales By Solid is an ethical, aesthetic brand that combines exquisite craftsmanship with a commitment to transparency and sustainability. Their goal is to offer fashion and homeware products that not only captivate with their aesthetics but also adhere to strong ethical values. Tales By Solid embraces animal-friendly, environmentally-friendly, empowering, and locally sourced artisanal practices, creating a platform for social change and positive connections through their fair-trade offerings.

Their challenges:

  • - Finding a way to automate the accounting on the order level for their new Shopify store

  • - Managing their products in an efficient way on multiple online platforms (Odoo and Shopify)

  • - Not having to manually add thousands of products and the respective images

  • - Automating the invoice creation for their B2B Shopify store connected to Ankorstore and Faire

Project Scope

We successfully integrated Tales By Solid's new Shopify B2C store with their existing Odoo ERP system. This integration streamlined their operations by synchronising orders, products, and customer information between the platforms. By connecting their online store with their back-end ERP system, Tales By Solid gained better control over inventory, order management, and customer data.

Next to that we integrated their Shopify B2B store with popular platforms like Faire and Ankorstore, ensuring efficient and automated invoice generation. The integration enabled the automatic creation of invoices with accurate information such as VAT numbers, products, and other relevant details. This eliminated manual data entry and reduced the chances of errors, leading to smoother B2B transactions.

We also ensured that tax codes and fiscal positions were configured correctly within the Odoo ERP system. This allowed for the efficient handling of both B2C and B2B sales, automatically applying the appropriate taxes based on the customer type. With accurate tax calculations and seamless tax management, Tales By Solid could focus on their core business activities while complying with regulatory requirements.

Last but not least, we implemented a connector for effortless image synchronisation between Odoo and Shopify. This customizstion proved a significant return on investment, as the client no longer needed to manually push images for their extensive product catalogue of over 3000 items. With streamlined image management, Tales By Solid saved valuable time and resources.

The added value

Synchronisation of Orders, Products, and Customers to Odoo:

By integrating the Shopify B2C and B2B stores with the Odoo ERP, Tales By Solid achieved real-time synchronisation of orders, products, and customer data. This provided a holistic view of their operations, enabling efficient order processing, inventory management, and enhanced customer service.

Automatic Invoice Creation in Odoo with Correct Taxes and Fiscal Positions:

Integrating the Shopify B2B store linked to Faire and Ankorstore with Odoo allowed for the automatic generation of invoices. The system accurately calculated taxes and applied for the correct fiscal positions, eliminating manual invoicing and ensuring compliance with taxation regulations.

Streamlined Management of Product Images:

Dear Digital's customizations enabled Tales By Solid to manage product images exclusively in Odoo and effortlessly push them to Shopify. This eliminated the need for duplicate image management, saving the client time and effort while maintaining consistency across sales channels.

Centralised Reporting for B2B and B2C Sales Channels:

Through the integration and data synchronisation between Shopify, Odoo, and other platforms, the client gained access to centralised reporting in Odoo. This comprehensive reporting capability provided valuable insights into B2B and B2C sales performance across different channels. The client can make informed business decisions and optimise their sales strategies effectively.

Key Elements

  • - Two Shopify x Odoo Integrations

  • - Correct Tax and Fiscal Positions

  • - Customization for Optimised Product Image Sync

  • - Long-Term Partnership


dear digital's collaboration with Tales By Solid empowered the client with a streamlined and efficient e-commerce ecosystem. Integrating their online stores with Odoo enabled centralised management of orders, products, and customers, while customised solutions simplified image synchronisation and tax management. By establishing a long-term partnership, dear digital is committed to supporting Tales By Solid's growth and success in the dynamic world of online retail. Looking for a similar project?