A successful theme-based implementation for Mon Dada

Mon Dada, a prominent candle brand, sought to enhance its online presence and expand its reach in both the B2C and B2B markets. This case study showcases the seamless combination of Shopify for B2C sales and Odoo for B2B transactions. The project focused on swift implementation, efficient migration, and scalability to accommodate international growth.

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Mon Dada who?

Mon Dada is a Belgian luxury brand bringing together scented products, thoughtful design and a desire to conquer the world. Scented candles and unique concrete designs form the basis of the company that delivers in Europe and the rest of the world.

Project scope

Through collaborating with us, they aimed to rapidly bring their products to the market while ensuring a smooth transition from their previous e-commerce platform, Lightspeed, to Shopify. The project's timeline was set at six ambitious weeks, emphasising agility and timely execution. We assembled a dedicated team and established a scalable infrastructure to facilitate the seamless management of both B2C and B2B sales channels.

B2C Implementation

The B2C aspect of the project was of utmost importance to Mon Dada. We integrated Mon Dada's product catalogue into Shopify, incorporating custom sections and design elements. The team worked closely with Mon Dada in a series of design meetings to ensure the website reflected the brand's aesthetic and offered a superior user experience. Performance optimization was a key focus, resulting in a lightweight and fast-loading website. The implementation included various collections, price filters, sleek product pages, an image-rich lookbook, and a captivating founder story to engage customers. Furthermore, Mon Dada's customers have the option to choose between shipping or picking up their orders, thus enabling local e-commerce convenience.

Features and Functionality

1. VAT Number Integration: Mon Dada's B2C customers have the option to include their VAT number during the checkout process. This feature allows businesses to obtain accurate invoices and claim VAT exemptions based on their location, as the candles are the perfect business gift.

2. Local Pickup Option: Customers can choose to pick up their orders from specific locations instead of opting for shipping. This feature provides added convenience and reduces costs for certain products.

3. Core Web Vitals: we prioritized website performance, resulting in exceptional Core Web Vitals scores. Mon Dada's website achieves high scores across various metrics, ensuring an optimal user experience and future-proofing their online presence.

B2B Implementation

We also implemented an additional B2B sales channel for Mon Dada using the Odoo platform. By setting up a separate domain, Mon Dada provides a tailored portal for B2B customers to browse and purchase products. The implementation of Odoo allows for streamlined B2B operations, automating processes and enhancing efficiency. This comprehensive solution ensured that Mon Dada could cater to both B2C and B2B customers effectively.

Features and Functionality

1. Account creation on invite-only: the only way to get a B2B account is through a request via an online form. This way Mon Dada has total control over who can access the B2B platform, see B2B prices and enjoy promotions on the B2B webshop.

2. Automatic invoice creation and emailing: After every purchase an invoice is automatically created and sent to the customer.

3. Communication through the portal: B2B customers can communicate on specific invoices and orders through the portal. Mon Dada receives notifications through the back office or via email. This allows for centralised information instead of scattered communication/emails.

4. B2B account/portal: B2B customers have access to their account page, where they can manage their information, view invoices/orders, download PDFs and communicate with Mon Dada.

5. Pricelists: Mon Dada can define pricelists on the customer’s level and make sure specific B2B customers see the prices that were agreed upon.


We successfully executed a theme-based implementation for Mon Dada, leveraging Shopify and Odoo to establish a robust e-commerce presence. The project's primary objectives were achieved, including swift implementation, efficient migration, and scalability to support international growth. Mon Dada now possesses a highly scalable B2C channel built on Shopify, enabling seamless purchasing experiences for customers worldwide. Simultaneously, the B2B setup on Odoo automates sales processes, expanding Mon Dada's market reach. With outstanding performance metrics and innovative features, Mon Dada is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive candle market.

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